So, hot or not?

Things I like:

The idea of drawing with it. the basic version may be really a damn cheap alternative to the absolutely beautiful Wacom Cintiq. Especially if the hardware allows it and someone writes a good software. Shouldn’t be very hard to build a bluetooth pen with pressure sensitivity.

The whole book thing. I was wondering what kind of formats the iBooks software will accept: are we gonna be able to import pdfs and documents file in it? I hope so. Also, I don’t know if you can read on this thing for a long time. It’s no electronic ink for sure.

But, it’s still a clunky, bigger version of an ipod touch: no multitasking, no flash, closed app store. What I was waiting for was more like a keyboardless version of a macbook air. This is still a lot less limited than any ebook reader around, but still has many flaws that a device this big shouldn’t have.


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